Our Traveling Petting Zoo Exotic Animals

Hasani, Jabari, & Jamoke

African Porcupines

They love a nice belly rub.

Taz & Ranger

Bennett’s Wallabies

They love to be scratched behind the ears.


Ball Python

He sometimes sits up like a Cobra, but he is very gentle.

Gracie (Belgian Bunny), Mufasa (Lion-headed bunny), and Jamima (dwarf lop-eared bunny)


Bearded Dragon

He likes to bask in the sun.



He is nocturnal and can hang by his prehensile tail.


Ring-Tailed Lemur

He likes to “move it, move it”!



For defense, he rolls up in a ball with his 5000 quills for protection.



He has a long nose which he uses to sniff out food in small holes and crevices.

Tiny and Leo

African Spurred Tortoise

Tortoises have been around for over 200 million years and some can live over 100 years.

Huey & Louie

Prairie dogs

They love to dig, and have a high pitched bark when they are excited.

Ginger and Snap


The “Super mouse”, they are the largest rodents in the world, love to swim, and can hold their breath for 5 minutes.

Carino and Tonto

Patagonian Cavy

They are rodents only found in Argentina, and do a behavior where they bounce on all fours called “stotting”.



Indian Runner Ducks

The “bowling pin duck” cannot fly, and is very friendly.


Crested Gecko

He cleans his eyes by licking them with his spoon-shaped tongue.



Hypo Boa

He is very tame and likes to take pictures while hanging on your neck.

Buzz, Ruby, & Maui

Blue and Gold macaws & Scarlet macaw

Being very intelligent , macaws are able to mimic human sounds very well and they can live more than 70 years.


White-diamond ball python

She is an incredible looking snake that is completely white with crisp blue eyes.


South American short-tailed opossum

Cuter than his North American cousin, his large dark eyes give him great night vision.


Gray Fox

They are the most “cat-like” member of the dog family!!