Our Traveling Petting Zoo Exotic Animals

Hasani, Jabari, & JamokeAfrican Porcupines ~ They love a nice belly rub.

TazBennett’s Wallaby ~ He loves to be scratched behind the ears.

DukeBall Python ~ He sometimes sits up like a Cobra, but he is very gentle.

KuzcoAlpaca ~ He grows hair throughout the year until his annual shearing.

Gracie (Belgian bunny)  Mufasa (Lion-headed bunny)  Jamima (dwarf lop-eared bunny)

MushuBearded Dragon ~ He likes to bask in the sun.

TulioKinkajou  ~ He is nocturnal and can hang by his prehensile tail.

Lemur  ~ Currently not available

SnowballHedgehog  ~ For defense, he rolls up in a ball with his 5000 quills for protection.

MateoCoatimundi ~ He has a long nose which he uses to sniff out food in small holes and crevices.

TinyAfrican Spurred Tortoise ~ He doubles his size every three years and will weigh over 140 lbs.

Huey & LouiePrairie dogs  ~ They love to dig, and have a high pitched bark when they are excited.

GingerCabybara ~ The “Super mouse”, she is the largest rodent in the world, and loves to swim.


CarinoPatagonian Cavy ~ He is a rodent found only in Argentina, galloping or bouncing on all fours.

Polo and PeepIndian Runner Ducks ~ The “bowling pin duck” cannot fly, and is very friendly. 


GizmoCrested Gecko ~ He cleans his eyes by licking them with his spoon-shaped tongue.

CharlieHypo Boa ~ He is very tame and likes to take pictures while hanging on your neck.

DotMicro-mini pig ~ She is very smart and can learn easily. She also loves a good scratch on the rear end.