Happy Tails Entertainment - Mobile Petting Zoo!

Happy Tails Entertainment is an exotic animal outreach that takes unique animals to all types of events. We provide a wide range of different programs for all types of events. Birthdays, school events, corporate events, group events, and even senior living groups can enjoy the remarkable animals of our mobile zoo. Our animals will provide an experience that will last a lifetime.

Happy Tails is located in the Texas Hill Country, but we are completely outreach…..so that means we come to you!! We travel to nearly anywhere within 1 county from Bexar county. San Antonio, Boerne, Kerrville, New Braunfels, Hondo, and China Grove are just some of the places we have been to share our animals.

We Offer

  • Lots of Interaction with the Animals
  • Photo Opportunities!!
  • Showcase of the animals’ natural behaviors
  • Customized programs
  • Specialized Talks for certain programs
  • Display of training methods that work with most species of animals

When planning your next birthday party, school presentation, corporate event, wedding reception or festival, look beyond traditional choices to the amazing animals at Happy Tails Entertainment. We strive to provide an up-close experience with some fascinating animals that will put your event over the top.

Our animals include an African porcupine, a coatimundi, a wallaby, ring-tailed lemur, a kinkajou, a Patagonian cavy, an alpaca, a capybara, an African-spurred tortoise, a bearded dragon, a crested gecko, a hypo boa, a ball python, 2 black-tailed prairie dogs, a lop-eared bunny, a lion-headed bunny, and 2 Indian runner ducks.

For birthdays, we provide a presentation type program where we bring each animal out one at a time, talk a little about them, and then bring them around for all kids and adults to meet and touch. We will pass our passion for wildlife and animals to your child and make it the party of the year. The 7 & 10 animal programs are about an hour long (the 5 animal is about 45 minutes).

For school programs, we provide a presentation type program where we bring each animal out one at a time, talk about them, giving basic facts about their unique features and natural habitats, and then bring them around for all to see up close. We also touch on wildlife conservation efforts in a manner that makes it fun for students. At the end of the program we keep 2 animals out for the students to touch as they exit the presentation area. You can have as many as you like at the presentation, but the smaller the group, the closer the kids get to be to the animals. We usually like to have the kids sit in a “horseshoe” shape on the floor.

For corporate events, we offer a customized wrinkle where do a walk-around program for your event. This is where one or more handlers bring 5 – 6 different animals, and we take them out, one at a time, and walk & mingle with the guests so they can see them up close, take pictures, and touch them. We then rotate animals every 15 – 20 minutes.

And for festival type events, we offer our 7-animal interactive area. We bring fence panels and set up a “exotic animal petting zoo” where your guests get to come in and touch and interact with the animals. It is a “controlled” area, where we staff the area and let a limited number of people in at one time…. then rotate as more people show up. This program has a 2-hour minimum.

Want something more or different? We can customize most of our programs in many ways to produce what you are looking for.  Just let us know what exactly you would like and let us make your next event memorable!

Here at Happy Tails Entertainment we pride ourselves on our San Antonio animal outreach programs, our live animal entertainment in San Antonio, our live animal shows in San Antonio, and being the best live animal entertainment provider in the San Antonio area. If you looking to make your event standout from the norm, making it a uncommon from the rest, give us a call.